Non Accredited Training

Well trained staff perform better and safer than simply relying on common-sense.

At Strategic Safety and Training we can provide a range of practical Health & Safety Training programs suited to your business needs to be utilized during safety toolbox meetings including, but not limited to:

Hazardous Materials Management

Occupational Hygiene

Noise Management

Fatigue Management

Ergonomics and Manual Tasks

These packages include power point presentations, trainer guides, employee handouts and sign off registers

Nationally Recognised Training

In partnership with Leading Certified Registered Training Organisations we can provide a range of Nationally Accredited Courses such as Cert IV in Occupational Health & Safety, Cert IV Workplace Health & Safety, Health & Safety Representative Course, Resource Industry Competencies, and Mobile Equipment &Machinery.

Training Package Development

Is your experience of buying materials, painful – poor quality, unbelievably high prices and no updates?

We write our materials to pass audit and we guarantee this.

We offer individual units and complete qualifications. If you purchase the materials for a complete qualification, you can select the electives you want from those applicable and available.

All our materials are in Word and PowerPoint. Each unit contains:

Assessment Criteria and Definitions

Assessment Matrix/Mapping Documents

Evidence Document

Learner Guide

Instructor workbook

Learner Workbook

PowerPoint presentation

Session Plan

Version History, where applicable

We are here to talk whenever you need us.

We are happy to provide our support and we welcome your feedback.