The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) was first offered to industry in 1999, as an alternative compliance scheme in maintenance management.

The opportunity of external NHVAS accreditation has since evolved across various sized businesses. Operators who have an measurable internal system of safety, maintenance and/or mass in place can achieve accreditation.

It is also increasingly being used to show compliance with general duty of care requirements under road transport and other applicable laws.

Accreditation under NHVAS is achievable by a sole operator or a larger operation and provides many commercial benefits once accreditation has been granted.

SS&T provides and assists businesses with the tools to, become accredited and self regulated for:


Purchasing a manual available from SS&T for your required accreditation is the first step.

Pricing will vary subject to fleet size and driver numbers and requirements of operators.

SS&T will implement and guide your through the manual and your obligations under the accreditation.

Once the implementation is complete, an audit on the system is required. An external auditor must conduct this audit.

Once the implementation is complete and the initial entry audit is conducted, you may submit your application to NHVAS. Approval time may vary and is at the discretion of NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator).

Maintenance of procedures and documentation of records is required to comply with requirements under any of the modules accredited.

Subsequent audits are also required to remain accredited as outlined under the Business Rules for the accreditation.

SS&T provides all documentation and checklists to assist you with meeting the requirements for each accreditation.

Contact SS&T to assist you with your NHVAS